Z korespondencji Inki

26 maja 2015

Their names are Jackson and Bert.[...] There is no perfection, Inka. [...] What about the simple things? Happiness , emotions, sexual needs, love? [...] It appears to me that life consists mostly of the basic things and that all philosophy is just a way of looking at higher things that , after all, will always lie beyond us. [...] I would love to have someone I can talk with every night and carry through life a little. I’m not a person who just goes away. [...] I already expected that there has been a lot of suffering for you in the past. [...] It seems to me that in the past years the entire world around you has come into ruins, starting with you inside. But it can be rebuilt. See it as a landscape in ruins. There are still many ruins and scars, but little by little things can be built up again. You seem to have a nice therapist. That’s a start. Find people around you , friends, who will support you. Trust them. Make little steps. You are a smart person. Your philosophy was too high for me. I admit. But it also shows how much energy is in you. Just lead it in a useful direction.

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